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Champ RTF – How to upgrade your stock tires to the Du-Bro Tundra tires

Finally got around to upgrading the horribly small stock tires to the Du-Bro 150MW Tundra tires.  What a huge difference these make during landings, as well as looks for the plane. I will apologize in advanced for the crappy pictures, … Continue reading

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Champ RTF Broken Wing – How do I repair them?

This is one of those things that is bound to happen with certainty. For most Champ owners, including myself, this usually happens on the maiden flight. Below is one of the many alternatives on fixing or replacing your Champ’s broken … Continue reading

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Where to buy the Champ RTF Ultra-Micro HBZ4900?

This plane is readily available online, or at your local Hobby Store.   I purchased mine at Hobby Town USA.  Price was the same local as it was on the websites I checked out while I was doing my research. … Continue reading

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Champ RTF RC Plane by HobbyZone

Welcome! This is my first ever RC Plane and it has been quite a journey.  I have found many great resources scattered all over the web, after realizing that there are thousands of Champ owners out there, I was convinced … Continue reading

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