Champ RTF – How to upgrade your stock tires to the Du-Bro Tundra tires

Finally got around to upgrading the horribly small stock tires to the Du-Bro 150MW Tundra tires.  What a huge difference these make during landings, as well as looks for the plane.

I will apologize in advanced for the crappy pictures, I could not my find my battery charger for my normal camera that day so I had to use my phone camera.

Tools you will need:

  • Hobby Knife
  • Glue
  • Your hands

Here’s some info on the wheels, you can order them from various places including

Part number: DU-BRO 150 MW Tundra Tires 1-1/2″ Mini Lite Wheels

Step 1.  With your hobby knife make a small incision on the battery holder velcro at the bottom of the plane.  One you make the incision, you can gently using your hand rock the landing gear and tires out of the belly of the fuselage.

Step 2. You will now need to remove the hubs in order to remove the stock wheels and tires. Simply use your hands and carefully twist them outward until they come out.

Once you remove the hub/lug from the landing gear the wheels should slide right out.  The Du-Bro 150mw wheels slide right in, and the hub fits almost perfectly back on.  I used a small dab of Gorilla glue to keep them in place.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the stock tires and the Tundra tires from Du-Bro.

Step 3.  Once I mount the wheels back on and put the hub back on, we are pretty much ready to fly again.   Make sure that the hub is not on too tight or the wheels will not spin freely which will make landings and taking off challenging.   That’s it folks!

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Champ RTF Broken Wing – How do I repair them?

This is one of those things that is bound to happen with certainty. For most Champ owners, including myself, this usually happens on the maiden flight. Below is one of the many alternatives on fixing or replacing your Champ’s broken wing.

Here’s what you will need to repair the wing:

  1. Glue that is safe to use on Styrofoam (Gorilla glue is what I used in this case)
  2. Q-Tips, wet naps or towell
  3. Transparent tape (gift wrapping tape is what I used)
  4. Hobby Knife
  5. Clean work area

1. Start by removing the upper part of the cabin/fuselage so that I would have more room to work and not worry about breaking or bending other parts.  It is held together by about 7 small pieces of tape, here’s where your Hobby Knife will come into place.  Be very careful as you can easily cut through the Styrofoam.

Below are two images that highlight where to make the cuts:

Now carefully remove it from the rest of the body.  You can now work freely without having to worry about bending any other parts or breaking the tail section (more on that later :P)

2. Now that you have removed the top part, it is time to prep the wing to begin repairing it.   Most cements\glue require that you slightly dampen the surfaces on both objects being repaired (I used a q-tip to apply the water and glue to the surfaces).   Once you dampen the surface area, apply enough glue and adhere both surfaces while adding some pressure.

Note:  I also used 4 small strips of the clear tape to act as a mini clamp.

Depending on the type of glue you are using it can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 24 hours to cure and fully dry.

Here you can see the wing drying now, held in place by tape and Gorilla glue. (I held them together for about 5 minutes before letting go and applying tape).

Also, you can use a wet q-tip to clean up the excess.  Gorilla glue will expand (it bubbles and turns white when it’s drying).

3. Once the wing dries, rejoin the top part with the rest of the body and re-apply the tape to hold it in place.   You are now ready to fly again!

Another option is to simply order a wing from any of the vendors I listed in the parts section. If you are out flying and you break a wing,  the spare will come in handy in those situations.  very little wait time.    I did this myself, although I’ve been flying just fine with my originally repaired wing.   I got mine from Amazon for about $15 shipped and I keep it in the car when I go flying the Champ RTF just in case.

Feel free to comment and share your fixes, thanks!

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Where to buy the Champ RTF Ultra-Micro HBZ4900?

This plane is readily available online, or at your local Hobby Store.   I purchased mine at Hobby Town USA.  Price was the same local as it was on the websites I checked out while I was doing my research.

Other places to buy

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Champ RTF RC Plane by HobbyZone


This is my first ever RC Plane and it has been quite a journey.  I have found many great resources scattered all over the web, after realizing that there are thousands of Champ owners out there, I was convinced that I had to create a website that offered a one stop shop of all the things Champ related.

Feel free to send in your suggestions, corrections, etc. to us. Thank you, and enjoy!

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